Here’s How Dwayne Pope Has Delivered Heart Health To Atlanta, Georgia And Beyond

dwayne popeHow important is heart health? According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control, the short answer should be “very important” if you want to lead a longer life. That’s because one out of every four U.S. residents will die annually from heart disease-related issues. Even non-fatal heart attacks will strike 735,000 Americans each year, with 210,000 of them having already experienced at least one heart attack. Dwayne Pope, Atlanta’s authority on heart health, is aware of these statistics. That’s why he’s been offering outreach and screening services to medical centers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia for approximately two decades now. For those looking to learn more about Atlanta’s Dwayne Pope and his ancillary support programs, then you’ve come to the right place. We encourage you to continue reading to see if Mr. Pope’s programs could benefit your facility and patients.

The cardiovascular system is all about pumping blood and getting oxygen and nutrients to where it needs to go with the help of the heart and arteries. According to the Texas Heart Institute, “If all the vessels of this network were laid end to end, they would extend for about 60,000 miles, which is far enough to circle the planet Earth more than twice.” Clearly, this is a complicated system and the convenience-based society we live in isn’t helping. Fatty food and a sedentary lifestyle means extra stress on the heart when it’s needed the most — and that’s a recipe for medical disaster. According to Dwayne Pope, Atlanta residents in Georgia can benefit from cardiac and vascular testing when a local healthcare operation enlists his help. This is an option in the first place because Mr. Pope saw a need in his local community and founded Pope Diagnostics in November 1997.  The initial success seen in rural South Carolina, where screenings were held close to local hospitals for patient convenience, inspired Dwayne Pope to take his services to North Carolina and Georgia, including Atlanta.

Finding a full array of healthcare services isn’t always possible when you don’t live near a major city. Hospitals exist all over the country, but not every single one is fully equipped with every diagnostic tool that modern medicine has made available. Mr. Pope, who is registered as a cardiac and vascular sonographer with the Cardiovascular Credentialing International organization, places the bar high when hiring other registered sonographers to help lead screenings. In fact, Pope Diagnostics only takes on additional help if these individuals are also registered, have in-the-field experience and are current with continuing education requirements.

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